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Keeping busy as always. My book xThe Only Wayx will be out in the summer and a decade in the making, I just cannot wait. My band No Second Chance just got signed to Goodlife Recordings and were going on tour to Europe for two weeks shortly as well as a month in the states in the summer. My clothing line Loyalty and Devotion is blowing the fuck up and am maintaining my Straight Edge pride through xFor Lifex Clothing which I sell via www.loyaltyanddevotion.com have had so many awesome bands rep my shirts and this world just cannot stop me now. Everything is truely epic right now and I can't help feeling hope for the future, please check out what im doing with www.loyaltyanddevotion.co.uk all money will goes towards the publication of my book and the anti-drugs charity im hoping to set up after the book is out.


More news to come soon, doing interviews with jim/champion, greg/trial, andy/strife at the moment and got some more stuff coming soon


Hoods Up!

Phil XXX

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