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Keeping busy as always. My book xThe Only Wayx will be out in the summer and a decade in the making, I just cannot wait. My band No Second Chance just got signed to Goodlife Recordings and were going on tour to Europe for two weeks shortly as well as a month in the states in the summer. My clothing line Loyalty and Devotion is blowing the fuck up and am maintaining my Straight Edge pride through xFor Lifex Clothing which I sell via www.loyaltyanddevotion.com have had so many awesome bands rep my shirts and this world just cannot stop me now. Everything is truely epic right now and I can't help feeling hope for the future, please check out what im doing with www.loyaltyanddevotion.co.uk all money will goes towards the publication of my book and the anti-drugs charity im hoping to set up after the book is out.


More news to come soon, doing interviews with jim/champion, greg/trial, andy/strife at the moment and got some more stuff coming soon


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The latest tracking softwares

By Sebastian Pilaf, Jun 18 2017 09:57PM


If you are the one who love keeping secrets and if you think that your secrets and the other data are saved on your phone then think once again, because the time is gone when you use to keep secrets from your life partner or even from your parents. Every day a new application is launched; it is the time when some applications are launched that directly hit to your privacy data. Yes, it is the time of MaxxSpy. It is tracking software, which saves every single data of your cell phone. This data includes every incoming and outgoing calls and messages, along with the internet history of your cell phone. Apart from this, anyone can keep records of accomplishment of your chats as well. The best part is that this app is suitable for all the smart phones.

Free Alternatives

Yeah i know that MaxxSpy cost 20$ / monthly and you might not afford it but we have an alternative for you , and you know what it's the best part ? It's 100% free and it's working perfectly like the paid version . The name of the app it's Macuma and he can localiser un telephone instantly . Just try it and you will not regret it .

Know if your husband is not cheating on you

If you happen to be a woman who is being cheated by her husband, then you can be the smartest wife on this planet. All you have to use the easy to use MaxxSpy software that will give you every detail or doing of your husband. All you have to do is install this app into his phone, and rest of the thing the system will do. Later one you can see whether he is going to the office or somewhere else. Other than this, you can also look at all his incoming and outgoing calls and messages. Be a smart and high-tech wife of the 21st era, and adapt the latest application to record your husband’s life and that too without knowing him. The best thing MaxxSpy is that you will not have to keep on checking his phone repeatedly. Once this software in installed, you will keep on getting all the information and other data.


MaxxSpy works on the concept of the global positioning system, therefore, the phone you want to track needs always to stay in the network area otherwise you will lose the link of the person. The location of the phone keeps on blinking, and you can trace the exact location where the person is. In any missing case, with the help of this system, you can even know what the last location of the missing person was. From that particular point, police start their investigation. In some other case, if a person is injured, or have met with some major accident, you can even call an ambulance and lookout for help.


The software is best for those people who want to know the hidden things of the other person in their life. It can be your colleague, any employee, or even your life partner. The usage and the outcome of MaxxSpy will be always same. For example, if you are the one who is running an enterprise and you are looking for the person who is leaking all the important information out of your company. You can make a plan, that your company is getting software, which will be used to see the number of present people, and later, you can see who is the one who is betraying you and your company.

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