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Thursday 17th Jan 2013
This website is still very much active. I have been busy working, living haha I know. Running Loyalty & Devotion, touring and pushing that has been a full time job and I guess writting updates on here dfell to the wayside. In the meantime I self published abook on straight edge called The Only Way availible via L&D.
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Major updates and overhaul coming, thanks for sticking with us and we will get this site renovated shortly!

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Friday 15th July 2011

Finished my degree. teaching Pre-School kids. Loyalty and Devotion keeps getting bigger around the UK, getting out to shows with it all the time. Have signed We Still Dream to release over here in Europe thanks to my brothers at Eulogy Recordings and also signed Welsh giants The Hotel Ambush, albums out this summer/winter. Booking tours and putting together thr first L&D Fest in November. bring Cause For Revelation over to Europe so that should be fun. Life is sweet designing t-shirts, cd layouts and living out my dreams. taken me ten years to get to this stage but I will never take it for granted.

My book The Only Way is avilible free on digital download and the published version will be out later in the year, ten years in the making and this is my eleventh year being Edge. Never looking back only looking forwards, that is my pledge.

Hoods Up

Phil x

Monday 28th March 2011

Keeping busy as always. My book xThe Only Wayx will be out in the summer and a decade in the making, I just cannot wait. My band No Second Chance just got signed to Goodlife Recordings and were going on tour to Europe for two weeks shortly as well as a month in the states in the summer. My clothing line Loyalty and Devotion is blowing the fuck up and am maintaining my Straight Edge pride through xFor Lifex Clothing which I sell via have had so many awesome bands rep my shirts and this world just cannot stop me now. Everything is truely epic right now and I can't help feeling hope for the future, please check out what im doing with all money will goes towards the publication of my book and the anti-drugs charity im hoping to set up after the book is out.

More news to come soon, doing interviews with jim/champion, greg/trial, andy/strife at the moment and got some more stuff coming soon

Hoods Up!
Phil XXX

Friday 11th June 2010

Still going strong. Just completed my first year at uni, i now work in a pre-school in preperation when im a teacher in a few years, really enjoying working there and doing something other than staring at a computer screen! Doing lots of surfing when i can and playing cricket and football as well as getting down the gym. I passed my lifeguarding course and so trying to sustain the swimming fitness. Good stuff! Been edge for coming up ten years and its something that will never be compromised!

Stay True and Hoods Up

Saturday 3rd October

Having an easy weekend, spending time with my girlfriend, doing reading for my uni course. Autumn is setting in a the weather isn’t that awesome at the moment, having to rely on family guy dvds to sutain me.

I’m pretty good though, have been following up interviews I’ve tried to do with lazy bands in the past and working hard coming up with ideas or directiions for this site. Recently lost the .com to the time and space continuem and decided to change the web address to as I quite frequently get mistaken for being American when I am actually English, believe me the lack of UK bands interviews on this site is not an over site on my behalf but UK bands just being rubbish at returning questions. Aside from that this site seems to grow and grow which is fantastic, when I first got into straight edge there wasn’t a lot of information on the subject and it bothered me because I wanted to learn more and hear about ace bands.

Am going to start selling shirts via the site also under the moniker xFor Lifex Clothing as living in the UK I have to wait bloody ages to get stuff from the awesome lads at either Trust Comes Tough or Seventh Dagger and frankly I think itll be something fun to do. Im also writing a book on straight edge culture which im hoping to self publish in the near future and will be using the shirts to raise money for that so it’s a win-win really.

Havn’t got much other news really. Hoping to see Billy The Kid next week in Newport and Floorpunch (drool) are returning to these shores for a few one-off shows in November and neither hell nor fury could stop me from checking those out despite the immense drive to Leeds, will be worth it though I am sure.

My degree is going fine so far am going to become an infant school teacher and so my course is to do with that and one of my jobs is within a primary school in my hometown, loving every second, kids are so much fun to work with and you kind of have to decide what you want from life and personally sitting at a desk with a computer working for the man is rubbish and id rather have a positive impact so there we go.. Also retraining as a lifeguard so am rather super fit at the moment, doing lots of swimming, running and boxing training. Havn’t forgot my Muay Thai training from Thailand at the start of the year either.

Anyway this is getting kind of long and I gotta shoot,

So hoods up and high fives to you!
Phil :-)

Saturday 12th September

Heya so its been a long while since an update, in fact the last time I did update my personal news I was living in Phuket, Thailand, training in martial arts namely Muay Thai or Thai kickboxing, Ju-jitsu, MMA as well as checking out yoga and doing a shed load of running oh and having a bunch of tattoos done also, finally got the back pieceJ xXx

So I turned 27 the other day, been straight edge now for 9 years and am entering into my decade year very soon which is such a huge thing, I've come such a long way and changed so much over these past ten years I cant even begin to fathom the boy that I once was to the man that sits here today. I’m still a walking contradiction but there's more depth than there ever was, self evident in the articles I wrote and posted whilst I was out in Thailand about where I was with my beliefs and what straight edge men’t to me and how it continues to impact upon my own life and the way in which I hold myself.

I spent a good three months living in a country I had never visited, immersing myself in there culture, absorbing as much as I could in a tropical location with panoramic gloriously beautiful to the point of it hurting scenery, watching sunset after sunsets of such magnitude the world back home looks infinitely more darker than when I left it back in January because without that sunshine and perfect scenery its all to easy to be reminded of societies callousness, decadence and how at every turn people become entrenched in situations whether violent or violent emotionally there is so much more out there than the daily grind and that its crazy to me that people cant just open there eyes and minds to it all.

I wanted to figure out where my life was heading I always wanted to be like my grandparents whom I adore, who married young, I wanted that, to meet the girl of my dreams settle down & have a family, but it never happened for me. When I got back to England I set about looking for a job, which in this current climate was nigh on impossible. Reality is harsh sometimes. Eventually after seven weeks I got a part time job working at English heritage which looks after many historical sites and buildings around the UK which is cool because of my love for history and the like. Did a bit of volunteering in an infant school and realised I wanted to work with kids.

So now here's my situation I'm doing a full time university foundation degree in Early Years Mon and Tues, working 20hours at my part time admin job, volunteering three mornings in an infant school and just about to undertake retaking my NPLQ or National Pool and Lifeguard Qualification…bring it on, I might be tired, my body might be drained, every inch of me may want to crash, at times I may feel deadened but I keep moving forwards, I keep on the straight and arrow, I constantly push because coming out on top is all I know, I may have my faith and the straight edge to influence my actions but at 27 although these things make me who I am, I am the only one that can define my future and this is what I intend doing for the rest of my life, because I only have one shot, one chance and I'm going to seize it.

Hoods Up & Never Give In!
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